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·        What is the problem ?


·        What is the National Park’s reasoning ?


·         So - what are the Seaplane Association’s arguments ? 


·        OK – you’ve convinced me – how do I get my views across ?


·        What do we want to achieve ?


Note – we think there are several options for attacking the Byelaw.

1.      By referring specifically to the Aims of the National Park, and showing how the Byelaw conflicts with each aim.

2.      By putting the emotional case. Stress the loss of a wonderful attraction and source of inspiration for children.

3.      By highlighting the inconsistencies, hyperbole and lack of fairness. Use our factual and logical arguments (or let us know of any others you have thought of) in your own words.

4.      A sensible combination of 1, 2 and 3.

Remember too that we are all not JUST pilots. We are also hill walkers, sailors, anglers, ornithologists, canoeists and visitors to the Park. If you can put your view across, not just as an aviator, that helps to broaden the argument.

We do not advocate standard mass produced letters and feel that they are counter-productive. They would all just be treated as one application. Far better to get many individual letters of concern. Thank you for your support.



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